How to Prevent Mold

How to Prevent MoldMold needs two things to grow food, can be almost any organic material, and moisture. Most homes are made up of materials that mold can use as food. This leaves the other factor for their growth to become present for it to make your home its home.

Home owners usually wish to find information on how to get rid of mold. While this is a question of great importance a better one is how to prevent mold growth. Mold prevention is more effective than any treatment. This is especially true with the more common ubiquitous species of mold that are commonly present in nature.

┬áMoisture control is a vital step to prevent mold growth. There are some molds that need as little as a day’s worth of moisture to begin their growth process. This means that if some portion of your home is overly moist for a day or longer it has the potential for mold growth. A bathroom is a prominent place to find mold. To prevent mold growth in your bathroom make sure to keep the area as dry as possible this includes your shower curtain. Moisture problems can arise from a few sources. One of the most common sources are leaks. These can be leaks from a faucet, refrigerator coil malfunctions, pipes, windows, or roofs.

┬áTo prevent mold growth you should always immediately address any problems with leaks as soon as they appear. At times these leaks aren’t obvious. This means that periodically you should inspect areas that could potentially have leaks or excess moisture. Excess moisture does not only comes leaks, but can also appear through condensation. Condensation is the conversion of a substance from the vapor state to a liquid or solid state usually initiated by a decrease in temperature of the vapor. Usually when condensation takes place in your home whether it from a hot shower, pipes, A/C units, or windows it brings about another increase in a homes’ moisture content. To reduce condensation from being so prevalent it is recommended to insulate areas that are susceptible to the condition.

Another way to prevent mold growth is to have proper ventilation throughout the home. During days when it is hot and moisture content isn’t high in the air open your windows. This is to help lower the humidity in your home. Ventilation is useful in regulating bathroom and kitchen moisture presence.

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