2011 Arkansas Senate Bill 531

Created the Mold Investigation Advisory Board. Required the Board to study the effects on public health and safety of existing state mold laws and regulations, as well as options for revising state laws. Required the Board to report its findings and proposals for new legislation by December 31, 2012, on which date the Board is abolished.

[Board report available at: http://plantboard.arkansas.gov/PlantIndustry/Documents/Mold%20Advosiry%20Board%20Final%20Report.pdf.]


Arkansas Code § 26-51-1705

Authorizes the Arkansas Development Finance Authority to promulgate rules and regulations necessary to administer the federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit program. Rules (Ark. Admin. Code 109.04.4-II) establish habitability standards that must be maintained by housing projects funded through the program, including the requirement that dwelling units and common areas must have proper ventilation and be free of mold.