Connecticut General Statutes § 10-220

Requires local or regional boards of education to adopt and implement an IAQ program that provides for ongoing maintenance and facility reviews, as well as a green cleaning program that provides for the procurement and use of environmentally preferable cleaning products. Requires boards of education to report triennially to the Commissioner of Construction Services on facility conditions and on actions taken to implement their IAQ program, green cleaning program, and long-term school building program. Requires that every five years, boards of education inspect and evaluate indoor air quality in all new and renovated school buildings, and lists 14 separate items to be included in the inspection and evaluation program, including radon levels in the air and potential for exposure to mold. Results of these evaluations must be provided at a board meeting and on the website of the board or individual school.

Connecticut General Statutes § 19a-111L

Directs the Department of Public Health to publish guidelines establishing mold abatement protocols, including acceptable methods for performing mold remediation or abatement work. [Yoluntary guidelines available at: 11.pdf.]