Louisiana Revised Statutes § 22:1319

Requires that fire insurance policies that are delivered or issued for delivery within the state include a prominent disclosure of whether the policy covers mold damage to the property.

Louisiana Revised Statutes § 22:1332

Requires that homeowner insurance policies delivered or issued for delivery in the state include a prominent disclosure of whether the policy covers mold damage.

Louisiana Revised Statutes § 37:1470

Directs the State Real Estate Commission to approve a mold information pamphlet, which may be distributed to buyers by real estate licensees in connection with any real estate transaction. Provides that if the licensee elects to deliver the mold information pamphlet to the buyer, the licensee is not required to provide any additional information about mold. Real Estate Commission regulations (La. Admin. Code 46:LXYII.3801) establish U.S. EPA as official source of state mold information under the law.

Louisiana Revised Statutes § 51:912.4

Establishes that new manufactured and modular home builder warranties exclude mold and mold damage unless the parties otherwise agree in writing.

Louisiana Revised Statutes § 9:2S00.15

Provides that licensed commercial or marine contractors, architects and engineers are not liable for mold damage unless caused by defects in workmanship or design. Also applies to manufactured homes and to real estate licensees representing commercial and marine contractors.

Louisiana Revised Statutes §§ 37:21S1 et seq.

Requires the State Licensing Board for Contractors to: adopt rules and regulations to govern mold remediation; issue, suspend, modify, and revoke licenses to practice mold remediation; maintain an up-to-date list of all licensees; report violations to the Attorney General; and adopt minimum standards of practice for licensed mold remediators. Establishes various required practices for licensees.