2003 Oklahoma Session Law Serv. Hs. Conc. Res. 1011

Establishes a Joint Task Force on Mold and Mold Remediation, and requires the task force to report its findings and recommendations to the legislature.

Oklahoma Statutes, tit. 15 § 765.4

Provides that any person or entity that inspects houses for mold shall not also render services for removing the mold unless the total cost of the inspection and removal is $200 or less.

Oklahoma Statutes, tit. 60, §§ S31–S39

Requires sellers of residential property consisting of 1-2 dwelling units to provide to purchasers either a written property disclaimer statement or written Property Condition Disclosure Statement. Requires the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission to establish by rule a form for the disclosure statement. The regulation (605 Okla. Admin. Code Ch. 10, Subch 17, App. A) adopts a disclosure form that requires seller to disclose known presence of radon or any radon testing. Also requires seller to disclose any mold inspections or treatment, the known presence of asbestos, lead-based paint, and other hazardous or regulated materials. [See http://www.ok.gov/OREC/documents/Residential%20Prop%20Disclweb%207-2008.pdf.]