2003 Tennessee Laws Pub. Ch. 3S1 (H.B. S91)

Creates a special joint committee to study mold abatement in public schools, which must report findings and recommendations to the General Assembly no later than March 1, 2004.

Tennessee Code § 62-6-112

“Establishes Environmental and Special Construction as one of nine major construction classifications in which a contractor may apply for a license, and requires the state contractor licensing board to adopt rules establishing specialty classifications that are automatically included in licenses issued for major classification. Licenses may also be issued for specialty classifications alone. Regulations implementing the law (Tenn. Admin. Code 06S0-01-.16) establish mold remediation, asbestos material handling/removing, and lead paint abatement as specialty classifications under Environmental and Special Construction and require applicants to complete all training required by state or federal agencies and “”keep abreast of all applicable state and federal requirements.”"”