Virginia Code § 55-24S.11:2

Requires landlords to disclose whether there is any visible evidence of mold in a dwelling unit, as part of the move-in inspection report. Gives tenant the option of terminating lease if mold is noted in report. Requires that if tenant elects to take possession notwithstanding presence of mold, landlord must promptly remediate condition, reinspect, and issue new report. [See also Ya. Code 55-225.7.]

Virginia Code §§ 55-24S.4, 24S.13, 24S.16, 24S.1S

Requires landlords and tenants to maintain the premises to prevent the accumulation of moisture and the growth of mold. Requires landlords to respond promptly to notifications by tenants of mold or moisture accumulation. Provides that where mold condition materially affects the health or safety of a tenant, the landlord may require the tenant to temporarily vacate premises for up to 30 days, while the landlord undertakes mold remediation consistent with professional standards as defined in the law. Requires landlord to pay relocation cost. [See also Ya. Code 55-225.3--.9.]